Swing Brosse / Rhythm Futur

Swing Brosse System

Rachel, Esther, Odenson and Sacha are between 13 and 18 years. They play classical music, but they also play in a band of gypsy jazz: Swing Brosse System. Since 2010 they have performed 150 concerts in several countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, China, USA, Haiti, Cambodia, Thailand. They are especially performed during important festivals such as « Hong Kong Jazz festival », « World music Beishan festval » in China or « International Jazz Festival of Port-au-Prince » in Haiti. They also won awards as in the « musical contest families » of the Paris Conservatory. With the association « Swing Without Borders », they also conduct various activities to make discover jazz to children around the world.
source .https://swingbrossesystem.com

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