Lu Golovina Quartet / Rhythm Futur

Lu Golovina Quartet

Jazz-manouche, also known as gypsy jazz, was the name given to the European (originally French) mixture of traditional American jazz, European gypsy music and French street music. But jazz-manush was not limited to them - over the years it has absorbed elements of academic classics, Latin music and modern jazz.

The leader of the gypsy-jazz quintet, Moscow guitarist Lu Golovina, is active in concert as part of the famous jazz-manouche group Django Friends, and also leads her own ensembles Touche de Manouche and Lu Golovina Quartet. Regularly performs in leading Moscow jazz clubs. Enthusiast of the jazz-manush style: believes that this music is capable of conveying absolutely all emotions and feelings to the listener, without going beyond the boundaries of its style.

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